What is VPN ?

What is VPN ?

Hello and welcome, in this post on our blog, we will tell you what VPN is and how BPL works. Many of our brothers are like this. Those who do not know about BPL. Because today most of the BPL is being used and for online works, using Vipin is very important too. So let us not waste time, we are also going to tell you step by step about vpn.

What is VPN ?

What is vpn ?

There are many such websites on the internet. There are blocks and we cannot access them and some websites are like this. Which have been blocked in our country itself and we cannot access them. If you want to access them. So for this you have to use VPN. You can only access those websites through VPN. So in this post we are going to give you complete information about vpn.

BPL is used by big companies. These companies use BPL to keep their website secure. Because their website contains very important data. Which can also be stolen by hackers. Only vpn is used to avoid hackers. So that the hacker does not know how our data is being sent.

To use Vpn you have to buy BPL. But if you want to use Vipin for free. So for this also free VPN is available on the internet. Which you can use. If you use free VPN. So there is some limit in that. But if you buy and use vpn. So you get a lot of features in it.

Disadvantages of using free VPN

If using free vpn. So you do not need to spend any money for this. All the features you will get in it are free. If you use free VPN. Then you will see ads and your bandwidth will be limited.

Advantages of paid vpn

If you use EVPN purchase. So in this, all your data is safe and there is no risk of data being hacked. Now the company also uses vpn. That company does not share your data with anyone else. If you buy and use vpn. So you get unlimited bandwidth in it.


In this post, we have told you what vpn is. Where is it used? Along with how to use free vpn and its disadvantages have also been told. I hope so Given by me. You must have liked the information and also understood it.

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