Why is my PC so slow ?

Why is my PC so slow ?

Over time, the computer also slows down. Whether we are using any computer. Whatever brand it is, we know that sometimes we inadvertently install a lot of software in our computer and download a lot of files in our computer. Because of which our computer becomes slow. We find out about this then. When our computer is in very poor state.

Sometimes there is a problem in our hardware device. Which we are not even able to detect. Where is the problem coming from and it seems to be difficult to fix it. Keeping all these things in mind, we will tell you in this post how to increase computer speed and how to avoid this problem.

Why is my PC so slow

How to increase computer speed 

When we turn on our computer. So along with our computer being turned on, a lot of system software is also on and they keep running in the background. Because of which our computer starts becoming very slow and we start having problems a lot. To avoid this problem, you need to close the background which contains software and keeps it running. We are telling you step by step.You can follow them. The first thing to do is to press ctrl + alt + delete these three keys simultaneously in your computer keyboard. After that a new window will open in front of you. Now you have to select Task Manager. After that click on startup. Now you will see a new screen. Where you will see a lot of software and applications. You can close those applications. You do not want to be allowed to run while the computer is on.

Deleting Temporary Files 

When we run a computer or use Internet on it. So many temperature files get collected inside our computer. We do not delete them. So by doing so slowly they get collected a lot. Because of which our PC starts slowing down. To delete the temporary files, we are telling you the steps.You can follow First of all type windows + R in your computer keyboard when you press them, a new window will open in front of you. Which is called command (CMD). Where you have to give the command. % temp% when you enter this command. So a new window will open in front of you. You will see a lot of files in it. Select all those files and delete them.

Cleaning recycle bin

When a file is like this in our computer. Which is not of our use. So we delete them. But it is not permanently deleted from our system. Nevertheless, we keep deleting files continuously in our computer and our recycle bin goes to full. When there are too many files in the recycle bin. So our system hangs or becomes slow. So it is important for us that we keep emptying the recycle bin from time to time.

Why is my PC so slow

How to avoid slow speed of computer

Why is my PC so slow

Do not have two or more antivirus

In today's time we have to install antivirus in our computer to avoid virus. There are many people who think that if we put two antivirus in the computer then it will work very well. But this thinking becomes expensive for them. We have to keep only one registered antivirus in our computer. If you use an antivirus in your computer. So it will protect your computer from viruses and maintain the performance of your computer.

Take care of cleanliness   

When our PC becomes very old. So its hardware can be changed. Sometimes our PC also hangs or slows down due to hardware. So we can change our RAM or there is more dust in its ports. So you can clean it. Keep your computer clean from time to time. Due to dust in it, when dust gets collected on our RAM or near the fan. So our PC starts heating up. Because of which the problem starts in his speed.

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