How does computer works ?

How does computer work ?

Welcome to our blog my name is Dinesh and in this post I want to give you some information related to computers. Which is very important to know you. Nothing can be done without a computer in today's time. You know But many of our brothers are like that. Those who do not know this. How computer works. So today we will discuss these few things and show you how computer works. What are its main parts? Which makes the computer work well.So we are going to tell you. How a computer works Stay tuned, you will keep giving us step by step information on our post.

What is computer ?

First of all we will know what is computer. A computer is a machine. Which processes the instructions given by us and gives its output to us. The computer is built. So that we can process our instructions and give us the right information. It mainly consists of three works. The first thing that happens. That we input. Moving that data is another task. Processing it and the third last thing is to process the input given by us and give us the output.

How does computer work

How does computer work ?

If you look at the computer, it works in 3 ways. The first takes the data given by us. One is called input and the other is to process the data given by us through programs and the third is work. Providing processed data to us as output.

Input is one such process. In which we give any information to the computer. Like when we type something in the computer with the keyboard or we scan the image. It is received by the computer through the screener as input. There are also some input devices. Through which we give input data to computer. Such as keyboard, scanner, camera, mouse etc.


The information given by us is processed by the computer's CPU with the help of programs or you can understand by an example. When we give any information to the computer. So that information is processed by the CPU. That we have to give the output of the given information.

When we process the information given by us. So the output is used to show its result and the information given by us is given to us by the CPU. Whatever result we get. We can save it in our memory or we can get it with the help of some devices. Such as - printer, speaker etc.

In today's post, we have told you this much through this post. what is Computer . You have complete knowledge about how the computer works and outputs, inputs and processes. We know you might have liked this post.

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