Type of network?

Types of Network ?

Hello friends and welcome is my name on our blog. Dinesh and I will tell you today what is network. And how many types of networks are there. Let me tell you that there are some types of networks. What we don't know. If you do not know, then read the post, you will get a lot of information from it. Step by step with me will tell Ansari type. So let's start step by step now.

Types of Network ?

What is the first network of songs when two or more computers are connected through some media. So we call it network. And when two or more computers are connected together and share the data together. That is what we call networking. There are some types of network. We are telling you step by step.

  • LAN
  • MAN
  • CAN
  • PAN
  • SAN
 We would like to tell you some more types of networks. But we will tell you about the main non-moving network from free of cost. If you want to get information about all the networks, then you comment, we will give you information about all the networks.

LAN (Local Area Network)

 Its full name is Local Area Network. It is used to connect two or more computers. It is used to connect computers in small spaces. This is one such network. Which is done to network in small places like Ghar Makan Office or School. It has a maximum range of 100 meters. If you want to connect a device through a network to any of your offices or houses, you can use the lane.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network )

 Its full name is Metropolitan Area Network. It is mainly used to connect networks from one building to another. Suppose your office is in Delhi and its branch is in the cities of Delhi and you can connect them together. If you want, you can use MAN. Through man, you can maintain communication well in the entire branch. You can understand it in other words also. As one lane connects to another line it is called a man.

WAN (Wide Area Network )

WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It is mainly used to connect one country to another as if you want to communicate with a country, then you have to use the WAN network. It can also be understood in simple words like many men and lines communicate together. It is called a WAN. Some networking devices are used to connect it, such as devices such as servers, modems, routers, etc. are used.

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