What is network topology ?

What is network topology?

what is network topology

There are many types of computer networks. With this help send any information from one computer to another. When two or more devices are connected to each other through a media, it is called a network and when it shares any information between devices. So it's called networking.

              If we talk about network topology then the physical structure of our network. It is called network topology. That is, what is the design of our network. It is called topology, how it is designed or how it is made. If you are an office worker or do something similar. In which use the network or computer the most. So you need to know about computer network topology. So, let us know completely about topology

What is topology ?

The physical structure of the network is called topology. Our computers are in the network. The topology determines how they connect or how they will communicate with each other. There are two types of topologies. Physical and logical.

Network topology 

Before understanding the network topology you need to know about the topology. When two or more computers are connected and exchange some kind of information. So it is called network. The physical design of connecting computers is This is called network topology.

Types of topology

There are mainly five types of topology. In today's time, the top most star topology is used. So let's elaborate on this.

  1. BUS Topology
  2. RING Topology
  3. STAR Topology
  4. TREE Topology
  5. HYBRID Topology
BUS Topology

                  It looks just like a bus. All our computers in the topology are connected by a single cable. It consists of a device in the head of the start and end. Its name is Terminator. It controls the signal.

what is network topology


It can be made at a very low cost. 
Creating it is very easy. 
Cable is rarely used in this. 


It works very slowly. 
If one only breaks from somewhere. So our entire network fails. This has limited cable length.

RING Topology

what is network topology

It looks exactly like a ring in view. In this, the last computer and the first computer are connected. All its data goes in the same direction i.e. clock wise and the token ring protocol works in it.


It has good network speed.

It can be designed at low cost. 
It is very easy to manage. 


 If one of the devices goes bad, then the entire network goes bad.  

There is difficulty in adding or removing devices.  
All computers depend on each other.

STAR Topology

In this, all computers are connected to a central device hub, switch, or server. In this, the central device acts as a server and the rest of the computer acts as a client. If there is any problem in the central device, the entire network is damaged. And if one of the computers goes bad, then there is no problem in its network.

what is network topology


It can easily enlarge the network. 

It is easy to install. 
It is most commonly used. 


It costs more.  

In this, the entire network goes bad when the central device malfunctions.

TREE Topology

It looks like the branches of a viewing tree. Because of which it is called toddy topology. It consists of star topology and bus topology.

what is network topology


In this, point to point connect to the device. 

In this, the network can be easily extended. 
It is easy to install. 


There is difficulty in its maintenance. 

Larger cables are used in this. 
It costs more to install.

HYBRID Topology

When two or more topologies come together to form a new topology. So it is called hybrid topology.

what is network topology


If a device in the network is defective, it is very easy to find it. 

It is used in large offices. 


It is very easy to install. 

It is very expensive.


Friends, we have tried to explain the topology in very easy language. Now you will not have any problem in using the topology. If you want to get more information related to the topology. Then you can comment us. We will reply to your comment soon.

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