Operating system ?

 Operating system ?

Operating System is a program that acts as an interface between computer hardware and the consumer. The first task of the operating system is to make the computer ready for use and its second task is to control the computer hardware. An operating system is a set of programs in which to start a computer, manage programs in its own way, manage memory, and communicate between input and output devices.

It's Type

Single user operating system

Single user operating system is an operating system in which only one user can work at a time. ms dos is the most commonly used single user operating system.

Multi user operating system

Any task can be done from a large computer very easily, no matter how many users work at one time. This can only be done under time sharing mode in lan. All users are divided over a period of time, but in this also the computer has to process a lot. Unix, Windows 98, etc. are some of the multi-consumer operating systems.

What is memory ?

This is the computer's storage area where our data is saved. The central processing unit (CPU) requires input data and instructions to perform any processing, which is saved in memory. Instructions are processed in memory itself, and we get the output. Hence memory is a very essential part of a computer.

There are mainly two types of memory: 

Primary Memory: 

Primary memory is also called main memory, which resides inside the computer. When our computer starts the tab our operating system loads on the ram and the computer turns on. It is also known as RAM, in which our data is saved as long as our computer is on.

Secondary memory

This is called auxiliary memory. In this, our data is saved forever. Data can be received even after the computer is turned off. 

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