HP Laptops

HP Laptops

Hello friends my name is Dinesh. Welcome to our blog. In this post, you will get information about HP laptop, if you want to know more about HP laptop then you will be given complete information in this post with us. 

In this post, we will get information about HP laptop. So let's not waste the time we tell you about laptops-

HP 15-ac116tx

First we talk about the HP 15-ac116tx. Here you will be given complete information about it. We will also tell you the price of this laptop. We will give information about its basic part. Such as the manufacturer, product type, model number, operating system, processor, RAM, hard drive, weight and warranty, how much is it and will also give information about the display.

Hp Laptop


If you talk about the manufacturing, then this brand laptop belongs to HP. You know how good HP laptops are. They are very easy to operate. Its features are so good that you will be able to do any work easily. You will not have any problem with processor or RAM and your laptop will never hang.

Operating system

If we talk about the operating system. So it will come with windows10. windows10 will be able to use it very easily. Some new features have been added to it. It will be available in 64-bit.

Processor - Intel core i3 (5th Gen) processor , 2.0 GHz


If we talk about Ram then its RAM will be 4GB with ddr3. Which is very good at its speed. According to which its RAM is given, according to its 4GB, this laptop will hardly have a speed problem. Otherwise, this laptop will not have a speed problem. Because its RAM which is very good is ddr3.

Hard Disk

If you talk about hard disk. So in this you will be given 1tb of storage. His RPM speed is also quite good. Speed ​​is 5400rpm. Which speed is very good. You will not have any problem with the speed in transferring data.

Weight - 2.19 kg

Warranty - 1 year


Screen Size - 15.6 inches
Resolution - 1366x768 pixels
Graphics - AMD Redding R5 M330

Battery -

Capacity - Li- Ion 4-cell
Battery Timing - 4.5 hours
Power Supply - 65 WAC

Price - 200 USD

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