Dell Computer

Hello friends, my name is Dinesh and in this post I will tell you what is a computer, how does a computer work, you will get basic information about computers in this post, so stay tuned, read the step by step post with us about your computer. We will try to give maximum knowledge.

Together we will talk about dell computers. You will also get the features of dell computer and other information about it.

What is computer?

A computer is an electronic device performing mathematical functions. It takes inputs to the data, prosses them and provides the output. People always think that computer is like a superman but there is nothing like it. It is an electronic machine that works very fast and makes no mistake. Its potential is unlimited. It is made from the English word comput which means to calculate and in Hindi it is also called computer. It is used to prosses a lot of information and to collect information.

 The computer does not do its work alone. Computer takes help of equipment and programs to do any work. These tools and programs of computer are 'Hardware and Software'. 4 Computer is a device that prosses for any result according to software or program. Computer can also be called artificial intelligence. Its ability to remember is greater than that of humans.

Dell Computer

Dell Computer has launched two models of its new laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5575 in the market. From April 25, they are being sold in the dell showroom. Can be purchased from www.Dell.Co.In their official site. Some new features have also been added to it such as a 15.6-inch full HD display and it has been launched in the market with Radeon RX Vega graphics. It is 22.7mm thin and weighs 2.2kg. The R3 is priced at Rs 38,990 and the R5 is priced at Rs 49,990. There will be a 7-hour battery backup.

Features of computer

 It works very fast.

 It works without any fault.

 It has very high data gathering capacity.

Uses of computer

In scientific research

In Railway and Airline Reservation

in bank 

in safety

In bussiness

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