What is computer software ?

What is computer software ?

Hello friends my name is Dinesh and in this post I will tell you what is computer software. Nowadays the whole world is dependent on computers and people do all their work from computer. So in this world of computers, everyone needs to have a little knowledge of computers. So, keeping these things in mind, I will try to give you basic information of computer. So let's start the post now.

What is computer software ?

Software is a series of instructions written by a programming language that processes the given data. Computers cannot do any work without software. Its main purpose is to convert data into information. According to the instructions of the software, the hardware of the computer is able to communicate with each other. If the computer does not have software, the computer hardware cannot communicate with each other.

It is also called a program. Communication between hardware and software is called interface. All software is protected and enforced through a license. There is a legal agreement between the manufacturer and user of the software license. Due to this, it is illegal to install software on one or more computers or to make any kind of change in code and any change in software.

There are many types of computer software. It is mainly divided into two parts:

  1. System Software

    It helps in communicating all the hardwares of the computer among themselves. Such as - operating system and device drivers etc.

    Application Software

    Application software is used to perform various tasks such as using Google Chrome to run the internet in a computer or using Microsoft Office to do any office work. The software is called.

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